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Kate Moss Ice Cucumber Anti-Aging Skin Technique – Wrinkles – Skin Care – DailyBeauty – The Appeal Authority

The $1 Trick Kate Moss Uses to Immediately Tighten Her Skin

By Danielle Fontana, Editorial Assistant|

with Style UK, the 43-year-old designexposed that when her skin is looking less than its best, there’s one trick she always relies on.”If I’m feeling a bit puffy or tired, I fill a bowl of water with ice and a bit of cucumber,”she says, sharing that filling a sink with the three ingredients likewise works well. She dips her face in and holds it under the water for as long as she can, repeating the motion for a few minutes.”It takes all the puffiness away and brings the blood to the surface,” resulting in a quickly tighter look. However, Moss isn’t taking all the credit for the method

.”I in fact discovered it seeing Mommie Dearest– Faye Dunaway’s character does it,”she states .”It’s an old Hollywood trick.”Celebs like Nicole Kidman and Joan Crawford have actually also exposed that cold water and/or ice are their go-to< a href= > tools for de-puffing exhausted skin and diminishing pores in a flash. It might feel stunning initially dunk, but if the result is firmer, glowing skin like Moss’, it’s worth powering through.