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Testosterone treatment may safeguard versus cardiovascular disease

Feb. 13 (UPI)– A brand-new research study from Boston University Medical Center has discovered that long-term treatment to treat low testosterone in men may likewise decrease the threat of cardiovascular disease.Testosterone is the male sex hormonal agent responsible for the development of male reproductive tissues, sex drive and sex-specific characteristics like increased muscle mass and body hair growth. Testosterone also adds to total health and can prevent bone loss or osteoporosis.Men with testosterone deficiency, also referred to as hypogonadism, are typically treated with testosterone therapy.Researchers at the Boston University schools of Medication and Public Health produced a registry to take a look at the long-term efficiency and security of testosterone treatment, or TTH, in men.The research study followed 656 guys age 60 and older with low testosterone for eight years, with 360 men getting testosterone treatment and 296 not receiving testosterone therapy.Results showed there were just two deaths in the group that got treatment and the deaths were not cardiovascular associated. There were 21 deaths in the non-treatment control group, and 19 were cardiovascular-related deaths. In the non-treatment control group, there were 26 non-fatal mycardial infarctions and 30 non-fatal strokes, however none in the treatment group. “The low CV [cardiovascular] events observed in the T-group compared to the neglected [control] group highly recommends that TTH is protective

,”Abdulmaged M. Traish, Ph.D., teacher of biochemistry and urology at BUSM and matching author of the study, said in a news release. “Our company believe that the protective result of T on the CV system supplies clinicians with the chance to use this technique for secondary prevention for hypogonadal guys with a history of CV events.”